Preparing before your spray tan

  • Shower the night prior to or the morning of your sunless tanning session
  • Shave. Exfoliate your entire body with a non-oil based exfoliant.  This will rid the skin of dead cells. Be sure to exfoliate your neck, chest and feet very well. This ensures that your Sunless Tan will be applied evenly. A non-oil based exfoliant is available for purchase at the salon.
  • Do not wear lotion, make-up or perfume. Lotions and make-up may act as a barrier to prevent the tanning solution from reaching and interacting with the skin and it can effect the absorption of DHA, resulting in streaking and minimal color.
  • Do not wear deodorant. If the sunless tanning solution comes in contact with the deodorant, it may result in green rings around the underarm and is difficult to remove.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing and open-toed sandals. Tight clothing can rub the tan completely off in some areas. We recommend waiting at least 4 hours before wearing tight clothing.
  • Waxing, pedicures and facials should be indulged in at least one day prior to your sunless tanning session.

After care

Getting the most out of your spray tan

  • Shower 8-10 hours after your Sunless Tanning Session. Ideally, the DHA in our solution needs about 10 hours to reach its peak color. When showering, use your hand instead of a washcloth. Also, use a body wash or shower gel instead of soap. These products contain less alkaline than regular bar soap. When drying off after your shower, pat yourself dry with your towel. If you require fewer hours between the application of your spray tan and when you need to shower, speak with your airbrush specialist. 
  • Apply an alcohol-free moisturizer in the morning and evening after your first post-tan shower. Moisturize daily thereafter. Hydrated skin is essential in maintaining a longer-lasting tan because it slows the process of natural skin exfoliation. Special lotions made for Spray Tanning are available at the salon for purchase.
  • Avoid perspiring and be careful when washing hands and other activities that may involve water until your first post-tan shower, as this may cause your tan to streak.
  • When swimming or soaking in a hot tub, use a waterproof sunscreen to help seal your Sunless Tan in. Taking long hot baths or soaking in the pool can accelerate the exfoliation process and fade your tan.